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Ready For The Future?

Zing Pay is the future of mobile payments. There is no need for an online wallet or credit card. We simply link your internet banking account to our payment platform, allowing you to make secure EFT payments just about anywhere. All you need is an internet banking account at a bank enabled on our platform. It’s that simple! With Zing Pay you can safely make payments:

  • At the tills of small to big stores
  • To online e-commerce sites for online purchases
  • To on-site service providers like plumbers or electricians
  • Payments through AI Bots integrated into our payment system
  • To settle outstanding balances on your bills with a tap of your finger

White Label

Rebrand Zing Pay as your own and offer a personalised, customer-focused financial services platform to your clientele

We have built our Platform with large retailers and corporate clients in mind. So why reinvent the wheel? Zing Pay’s payment platform allows retailers and corporates either to skin the platform’s current branding and rebrand it as their own, or embed Zing Pay within their existing platforms. Not only do you gain access to an innovative payment platform that provide customers with an EFT payment option to settle transactions in-store, but you eliminate card interchange fees and card fraud.

Our Platform also provides retailers and corporates with the opportunity to connect with millennials, one of the largest consumer groups ever in history. All the latest research indicates that millennials, in particular those that were born between 1981 and 2005, rely on and use their mobile phones for just about everything under the sun. Making payments from their mobile phones is as natural to them as was writing cheques to previous generations.

Through our web portal we provide you with detailed, real-time reporting and online reconciliations as well as access to highly valuable customer marketing intelligence - get to know your customers as you have never been able to do.


Fully integrated with most POS software systems allowing for easy incorporation with little fuss and effort

Zing Pay is a cost-effective way for merchants to do business. You eliminate card fraud and with no card acquiring fees paid to banks, merchants are able to save on the processing of customer payments through our platform. The platform allows for payment processing by means of an EFT payment generated from the customer’s bank account and settled directly from our Treasury Settlement Account.

By using the various detailed reports available in the platform, merchants now have access to real time trading analytics and tracking data at their fingertips, 24/7!

We can either integrate direct into your POS System or process transactions through WiGroup. Alternatively we can provide simple QR code scanning solutions and we have integration kits available as either plugins or SDK’s.

Integrated POS Software Systems

Zing Pay has been fully integrated with most major point of sale (POS) software systems allowing incorporation in-store with little fuss and effort AND a complete payment transaction cycle of less than 15 seconds


It’s safe - no credit card required. Convenient - pay on the move. Easy - EFT payments direct from your internet banking.

These days, most things we do can be done via our phones so why shouldn’t you be able to pay for all your purchases via your mobile phone too?

Now, thanks to Zing Pay, this is possible without you having to own a credit card, carry your wallet, or even swipe your debit card. With no card swiping involved Zing Pay protects you against card theft, card skimming and card fraud.

Our platform utilizes the latest and most stringent encryption techniques available, ensuring your data is always safe while processing a payment.

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